Our Eco-friendly environment

Set in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled areas of the Cape, we care as much about the environment as we do our guests. The effects of climate change in the Garden Route, especially in the form of reduced rainfall, have made us acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities.

To reduce our electricity consumption and carbon footprint, we have installed solar panels to heat all our water.

To cut back on water usage we have planted our garden with drought-tolerant indigenous plants and trees that attract a wide variety of birds.

We have installed a 5,000 litre storage tank to collect rainwater from the roof, thus eliminating the need to use mains water for garden and pool maintenance.

To minimise chemical usage, we use biodegradable cleaning and laundry products and use a saltwater chlorinator to keep the swimming pool crystal clear. This not only eliminates the need for unpleasant chemical additives, but also makes bathing a natural pleasure.

We recycle garden and kitchen waste to produce compost and use an innovative root-watering pipe system, manufactured from recycled vehicle tyres. This is attached to the rainwater tank and irrigates our herb and vegetable garden when necessary.